The Great Ice Bear

2 polar bears on iceflow

The Great Ice Bear

The Ice Bear
The Himalayan Yogi
Walks the Wilderness Alone
Few are They
That Bother Her
In Her
Arctic Desolation
If We
In Our Arrogance
Our Very
Of Personal Powers That Let Us Choose
To Be Of Good
Or Let Others Use Our Abdicated Powers
To Do as They Will
They Will—To Kill

Then We are Nought But Cancerous Growth
OverGrown We Now Destroy Our Host

I Pray the Great Ice Bear
Here To Stay
Noble in Her Dignity
In Her Freedom Choices Of every Day
If She Lives
We Too Have Hope
With Her Gone
The Great Wild White Spirit
Will Wilt and Fade
We too will Follow
In The Footsteps
We Have


About xiccafrances

I am a woman engaged in a spiral of soul evolution. I believe that for an equitable future many of us should choose to consume less and create more. Life is Art so engaging in all things artistically is my aim- from cultivating sensory gardens to music, writing, painting, cooking etc.etc. Spiral Arc is run from a communal riverside house in Southern Portugal where guests are welcome to stay and share in the vision of day to day life undertaken in a spiritually artistic and fun fashion!
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