Blue Cigano Moon

Spiral Arc



Blue Cigano Moon

Ciganos have Come

Once again to the River

The Camp Alive


The Fires of the Women

Clattering Hooves

And Whinnies of Horses

Washing strewn Drying

On all of the Bushes

Berry brown and Shoeless

Fearless and Dauntless

The Children are Learning

The Hard Life of the Free

The Beauties and Bounties

Hard Work and Hard Weather

The Distrust and Fear

That Follows their Footsteps

Adding Weight to their Load

I Wish them Welcome

And Empty my Cupboards

Small Gifts

A Plenty to Share

Around the Nightime Fires

Adding Fuel to their Singing

This Long Blue Moon Summer Night!


About xiccafrances

I am a woman engaged in a spiral of soul evolution. I believe that for an equitable future many of us should choose to consume less and create more. Life is Art so engaging in all things artistically is my aim- from cultivating sensory gardens to music, writing, painting, cooking etc.etc. Spiral Arc is run from a communal riverside house in Southern Portugal where guests are welcome to stay and share in the vision of day to day life undertaken in a spiritually artistic and fun fashion!
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One Response to Blue Cigano Moon

  1. Diana Church says:

    Hello Fran Such delightful poems full of wonderful imagery and some hard truths too! Thank you for sending them to me. Looking forward to our next meeting…probably 2015? I’m enjoying the late autumn weather here, mild and sunny. Love and hugs xxxxxxxxx

    Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2014 18:26:48 +0000 To:

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