Cymraeg Cliff Walk


Piebald Horses, Mother and Foal
Camouflaged amongst Grazing Herefords
Black and white against the verdant Green
As I
Foxglove walking Gorse and Campion, Stitchwort, Hog weed
Seeds of Nettles Heavy Laden
Sea Pinks glowing in the sun
Heading Cliffwards westward gazing
Far across the sea
My Spirit soares to the Emerald Isles beyond
Purple Shadows Silhueted
Mountains of Eire and Donegal
Ony rarely sighted From these Cymraeg cliff paths
through eyes of Joy and Stillness
Surrounded by The Gulls and Choughs
That fly free
The Endless Open Sky


About xiccafrances

I am a woman engaged in a spiral of soul evolution. I believe that for an equitable future many of us should choose to consume less and create more. Life is Art so engaging in all things artistically is my aim- from cultivating sensory gardens to music, writing, painting, cooking etc.etc. Spiral Arc is run from a communal riverside house in Southern Portugal where guests are welcome to stay and share in the vision of day to day life undertaken in a spiritually artistic and fun fashion!
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One Response to Cymraeg Cliff Walk

  1. Cherry says:

    Hi Frances – I’ve finally finished your free advert on Unknown Portugal and put in one of my photos of the river below you. See
    Cherry (from near Nave Redonda)

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