Spiral Arc

Spiral Arc—declaration


Spiral Arc is run from a Communal Riverside House in the Southern Alentejo of Portugal .We have been inspired to aspire to a new Paradigm of living lightly on our planet.

Our Philosophy is ; To Consume less and Create more!

By embodying all that we do with higher spiritual aspirations we aim to make every day living into a more joyful, contemplative and aware experience

Knowing that it is not easy to live together unless we have a common aim we ask that all people who come to join us are either vegetarian , vegan or will be happy to eat in such a manner for their time here with us. Also respect that there is no smoking in the house or garden (smokers will have to find a quiet spot by the river to indulge their whim). Wine drinking will only be enjoyed as a part of a celebration and not as a daily or weekly habit.

Apart from these simple rules the only other definite guiding lines are the times we choose to become more aware of ourselves and our environment. We have several times each day (marked by a bell) whereby we can check on our own state of awareness and re-align ourselves whatever we are doing. Group activities such as yoga and meditation are set up by the choice of the group, as are painting, making music, gardening, cleaning, cooking etc.

You are invited to join us for a week or two or several months– it is up to you.

Spiral Arc is run from a communal Riverside house on the very edge of a small village lost in time, do not expect to be entertained but you may be enchanted!

We have no set daily or weekly program as we are living ‘in the river of time’ not trying to control that river. The daily needs of the household, gardens and people are ever changing and we just engage our ability to respond to the day.

Thus increasing our ‘Responsibility’

All people who choose to stay will find a way to contribute to the household and you are invited to offer your energy in various forms.

Here is a beautiful peaceful place to engage in ‘Being’ There is still plenty that will get ‘Done’ but we have a wonderful opportunity to learn a slower pace and appreciate that all things need their own time to come to fruition.

Art of all kinds; painting, making music, poetry, writing. photography etc.

as well as creative permaculture

Gaia-Atlantis Peace Garden

at our nearby garden project are all ongoing facets of life here as are meditation and yoga,walking, swimming and kayaking in the river and in the stunning nearby lake.

Living so close to the river brings the added bonus of frequent sightings of the abundant wildlife that lives all around us.

For details contact ; xiccafrances@hotmail.com


About xiccafrances

I am a woman engaged in a spiral of soul evolution. I believe that for an equitable future many of us should choose to consume less and create more. Life is Art so engaging in all things artistically is my aim- from cultivating sensory gardens to music, writing, painting, cooking etc.etc. Spiral Arc is run from a communal riverside house in Southern Portugal where guests are welcome to stay and share in the vision of day to day life undertaken in a spiritually artistic and fun fashion!
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