Ferns Unfolding


Photo Credit -Persh Hannah Sassoon

Like Ferns Unfolding in the Spring

Our Consciousness Unfolds to See

That we were Born into the World

Of a Poorly  Constructed Society

Deep in the Shade of Woody Glades

The Ferns Unravel -Their Fronds Displayed

Just as We- in Forced Solitude

Learn to Find Our Fractile Way

Opening Out Into The Light

Leaving Behind the Darkling Shade

The Ferns and We are Engaged to Find

A Light Filled Future before us Laid

If Only We can Find that Path

To Equalise the Fates of All

To Remove Riches from the Greedy Grasp 

Of Those Who Love To See  Us  Fall

Into the Maze of Confused Mind

That Knows Not that it was Born Free

Into the Maze of Work for Wage

Another Name for Slavery

Laws are Made and Broken Now

Daily— Two-a-Penny

It’s Time We Made Our Own Laws

And Re-Democratise the ‘Many ‘

We Have the Tools  We Have the Will

We simply need a New Agenda

To Share the Wealth that Others Store

The Culprits and Offenders

Against Nature’s Laws of Co-Operation

To Profit whilst Others Die and Starve

Slave their very Lives Away

Now Anew- We Will  Our Future Carve

The Treadmill goes Around and Round

But Our Ferns are All Unfolding

Into The Light and very Soon

We Will Play the Cards – WE are Holding

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Fear Of Death


The Fear of Death


The Begining of Slavery

We Who have been Enslaved so Long

Bear the Marks of Oppression 

In Many a Poem and Song

Every Lie Lived

Every Unconscious Act

Is Our Natural Freedom Denied

Open Our Eyes to

A New Dawn of Thought

A New Dialogue of Delight

Building Our Future

Through Dialogue and Converse

Exchanging Ideas Laughter and Life

But Standing Tall

Whenever Alone

With Our Thoughts Discerning The Lies

That Entangle the Web Of the Life That We Live

Slowly We Become Wise

The Boot of Oppression

Stamps Down on Our Faces

Today- In the Form of a Mask

Illusions of Safety Hiding the Reason Of 

Gagging Us All-One and All- To the Last

But Respect of the Fear of Some Others

The Fear of Death -They Hear Cry

Is Reason to Comply with Directive

Whilst still Keeping Open Our Eyes

Examine Our Hearts

Examine Our Minds

Examine Our Own Fears  to Find

Where We Harbour Our Slavery

In its’ ‘Safe’ Mooring

LIke a Ship That has Journeyed too Far

Until Our Ship Sails

Free on the Ocean

Prepared to Meet All that Befalls

We will Hide behind Words

And False Justifications

Like a Prisoner

Who Builds Our Own Walls

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Where Will We Go?


Where will we go when this Madness Culminates?

Where will we be at the end of this road?

The guns and the bombs and the missiles all blazing

A.I. in our Schools, Meeting Places and Homes

Interconnected Electro-Magnetism

Affecting us all 

Heads Hearts Hands and Feet

Where will we go at the end of this madness?

Where shall we be if we can no longer speak?

Seek to make changes

Allow that we are Human

Seek to Harmonize with the Nature we Reek

Havoc upon- with our Every Desire

Havoc upon even as we Sleep

What road shall we take now as Awakening Humans?

What road shall we take to the future we seek?

Marley said “Total Destruction-The Only Solution”

A Lifetime I have sought that this would not be so!

Grass roots; Growing Seedlings; Sowing Love in Dark Corners

Is that Path I have chosen to Re-Imagine a World

Of Humans in Harmony


Caring for Nature and Thoughtful of her Needs

What will Ripen the Changes in our Growing Awareness

To reach out like Mycelium

To the Hearts of the Fearful

The Hearts of the Military/Industrial Machine?

Where will we find the Key to these Changes?

The Trigger to Fire an unstoppable Stream

Of Love and Nurture Outpouring

To all the Dark Places

Where Fear and Dominion together Reside

Where will we find our Way through the Mazes

Built by Millenium of Doctrine and Control of our Dreams?

When will we Wake up 

And Shake off these Shackles 

And Realise 

We have Always Been Free!!

Our Chance to do so is Now

Before Robots and A.I. are tasked with our Governance

Tasked to Control and Shepherd their Flock.

A Small window is Closing 

Humanity Tasked to Fly through this Fast-Closing Gap

Like Swallows A-Darting

Like Swifts on the Wing

Our Souls must all Blossom and Hear

Shakti Sing!

Shake off our Fears and

Take off our Uniforms

Abandon our Orders if they do not Feel Right

Move to Community, Sharing and Nurture

Open doors to a New Day

And Abandon the Night

Build a New Future

Engage Imagination 


Prepare Wings for Our Flight

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Silver Mirror


A Silver Mirror Lying Still

Beneath the Mist Enshrouded Hill

The Mystery of Morning

As the Sun Climbs the Sky

Cloaked in Crimson Majesty

And Ponderous with the Weight

Of Holding us within her Grasp

For Yet another Day

Oh Mother Water 

In your Silver Robe

Reflecting the Crimson Misty Glory

Of the Morning Sun

Oh Mother Water

Just Now you Lie so Still

But You Hold so much Power

Nestled there Beneath the Hill

When You Release it Slowly

You Give us All we Need for Life

When You are Running at Full Force

We Can Only Run and Hide

Oh Mother Water

Mingled with the Sun

Natures’ True Divinities

When All is Said and Done

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Positive Reflection

Espelho dágua

The non-empathic ones came creepin’

When the rest of us were sleepin’

And stole away the goodies of the Earth

Now our senses have awakened

Like the dawning of the Kraken

We know the ruthless have no idea of the worth

Of the wonders of all nature

Of each and every creature

Of the abundance springing from our hearts

They mistook us all for stupid

Or all sadly touched by Cupid

Laughing at us right from the very start

Now many years have gone by

And many slices of the pie

Are in the pockets of the heartless and the cruel

And now as we awaken

To all the things they’ve taken

It is time to make a challenge of a duell

While their jets fly in the skies

They think that we breed like flies

And in this they are not so very much mistaken

It is time to call a halt 

To our foolish Somersaults

That put so many buns in ovens to be baking

While they ply their yachts upon the seas

They think they are the dogs and we the fleas

And for them the time has come for decontamination

It is time to take a look 

At the directions that we took

And form ourselves a new idea of Nation

If we are to survive

With our Empath Hearts Alive

We truly need to find a new direction

But Laws are changing everyday

If we can find a way 

To change them then we may

Rebuild our World with Positive reflection

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My Angel

  Some say there is an Angel

Walking beside us each and every day

Some say there is an Angel

To guide us in each and every way

Well I wonder, Yes I wonder

Just how hard it must be

Well I wonder, Yes I wonder

How hard it is for me see

Just how hard it must really be

To be my Angel

Looking from ourside myself

All the cards that I was dealt

Choices I have made

All the Devils I have slayed

And I wonder, Yes I wonder

Just how hard it must really be

Well I wonder, Yes I wonder

Just how hard it is to let me see

How very hard it must really be

To be my Angel

Looking back upon your life

All the plans and all the strife

The illusions that paved your way

Would it not be fair to say

That you wonder, Yes you wonder

Just how hard it must be

That you wonder, Yes you wonder

If you will ever see

How very hard it must really be

To be your Angel

Our lessons here upon this Earth

Began the moment of our Birth

Matter manifest all around

But our Spirits are never Bound

And our Angels, Yes our Angels

Are working everyday

And our Angels, Yes our Angels

Sometimes I hear them pray

That we will all awake  some day

That we will all awake some day

{I do not know where the Photo of the guardian angel came from so unfortunately cannot give a much deserved credit} Xiccfrances***

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Immersed in Spring


I stand immersed in the sea

Of the buzzing of the bees

And the singing of the birds in the trees

I stand Immersed in the flow

Of the breezes as they blow

With the sun shining down on me

I stand Immersed in the glow 

Of the flowers as they grow

And the budding of the leaves on the trees

I stand joyous in the rain

As it washes away the pain

Of the winter that nearly brought us to our knees

I stand in Springtime and rejoice

As I lift up and join my voice

To the chorus of Nature all around

Flown in from Africa the Swallows wheel and loop

Around my head they swirl and swoop

Birds of the air they never touch the ground

While I stand below in the sea 

Of the buzzing of the bees

Immersed simply in the web of  Natures Sound

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High on the hillside

A ruin is standing

An echo of somebody’s dream

The roof fallen in

Her timbers all shattered

Walls coming apart at the seams

An old beaten brass bedstead

Stands in one corner

Her Mattress long rotted

And lost to old dreams

A Fig tree once seeded by somebody’s meal

Has sprouted right there on the floor

Over the years she has grown up through the roof

And out of the windows and doors

Lost abandoned and lonely

Deserted dreary and old

She looks for someone with courage

Someone both fearless and bold

To see past the rubble

The rot and decay

To the warm wonderful home

She could once again be

But if this becomes truth 

Then sad to say

I know 

What will become of the tree

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The Haven


A Stroll to the jetty

This morning I took

The Haven stretched out

Shining and Blue

The busiest waterway 

Wale’s Heart-beat of Waves

Her stunning  beauty 

Shines through

Tankers and Trawlers

All vying for space

With the Yachts and the Pilots and Tugs

The throbbing of engines

The lull of the waves

The cockles and dead Spider Crabs

That litter the shore-line 

Of pebbles and stones

And the seagulls all searching for snacks

The Sounds and the Stillness

All mingle and merge

With the breeze blowing off of the sea

There are so many more beautiful beaches

But this one holds interest for me

A History that goes back

Far further than writing

A Haven both safe and secure

A Rare Sunken Valley

A Ria indeed

Has sheltered from many a storm

Both Raiders and Kings

Gave thanks for her shelter

Sank to their knees and said

Prayers on her Shore

All of these thoughts on a Stroll to the Jetty

The Haven stretched out shiny and blue

Time always rearranging

As  the sky ever-changes her hue

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Celtic Lorica For Muirghen (Sea Born)

For Muirghen

 (Sea Born– 22-07-1981– in Santa Clara)

Frances Morgana–16-09-2020

Wondrous Life

Light of the Universe

Protect Me from the Frailties of Old Age

But Allow Me

To Live to a Great Age in Strength, Love and Beauty

Light of the Waters

Protect me from Death by Drowning

But Allow Me

To Partake of your Healing Depths

Until the Very Day I Die

In The Sight, Sound and Touch of your Wonders

With Sunlight Sparkling from your Wavelets

Bringing Me Joy, Contentment and Release

From Worldly Cares

Until the next time I Wash up, Reborn Renewed 

Upon your Shores

Vibration of Music

May you ever Play amongst the Strings of my Heart

Fingers and Voice

Bring Comfort, Joy, Tears and Knowledge

To Myself and to the Many

Who may Listen and Enjoy

Lords of Creation

Help me Practice All Arts

Of Painting, Drawing, Writing, Working

Stone, Wood and Clay, Glass and the Jewels of the Earth

Forever Playing with Nature 

Forever giving Birth 

To Ideas 

Flowing Like Water Through Our Minds to Our Hands

Forming the World around us 

The Best Way that we Can

Devas of Nature to you I Implore

Forever to Help me to Learn and Explore

The Wonders of Plant Life, Animals too

LIsten to their Singing, their Speech and 

The Things that They Do

Allow them to Trust Me

As I Learn to Trust Them

As they Learn to  Learn 

That we are only Women and Men

Wishing to Join 


Harmony, Peace, Respect and Love

This Lorica Descends Like the Wings of a Dove

Settling upon me 

Just one Small, Tiny Part

Of The Light Of The Universe

Peace in my Heart

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