I Dove into the Water

A White Dove Arose

Saying “Can you see there’s You and Me

But We are One upon the Earth “

We the People must Unite

Resist those who want to make us Fight

People Unite

Under the Banner of the Dove

We Proclaim a World of Love

Turn our faces to the Light

People Unite

Under the Banner of The Dove

Let there be Love

May the warring Cease

Let there be Peace


I Dove into the Water
Darker the Deeper I Dove

When I turned my face toward the Light

When I called on Love

Against the Sky

Within the Sun

I saw

The Dove

There is You and Me

But We Can See

We are One upon the Earth

Both You and Me Really Know

What that is Truly Worth

So People, People, People

People Unite

Wear it, Share it

Create One

Pink or Blue and Rainbow Hue

Flying- World Peace Decrying

Endless War Defying

Symbol of the Dove

People, People


Under the Banner of the Dove

Let there be



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Blue Cigano Moon

Spiral Arc



Blue Cigano Moon

Ciganos have Come

Once again to the River

The Camp Alive


The Fires of the Women

Clattering Hooves

And Whinnies of Horses

Washing strewn Drying

On all of the Bushes

Berry brown and Shoeless

Fearless and Dauntless

The Children are Learning

The Hard Life of the Free

The Beauties and Bounties

Hard Work and Hard Weather

The Distrust and Fear

That Follows their Footsteps

Adding Weight to their Load

I Wish them Welcome

And Empty my Cupboards

Small Gifts

A Plenty to Share

Around the Nightime Fires

Adding Fuel to their Singing

This Long Blue Moon Summer Night!

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Espelho DÁgua

Espelho DÁgua – The Water Mirror

Espelho dágua

Under the Mirrored Sky

Under the Mirrored Sky
I love to Float
I love to Lie
Swallows swooping around my Head
Scooping Water
Wings held High
Fleeing swiftly to the Sky
I am balanced between the Worlds
Neither Here nor There
Floating on Water
Breathing the Air
Dancing in Reflected
Sun rippled Surface
in Joy
Blissful long Moments
In Time suspended

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The Great Ice Bear

2 polar bears on iceflow

The Great Ice Bear

The Ice Bear
The Himalayan Yogi
Walks the Wilderness Alone
Few are They
That Bother Her
In Her
Arctic Desolation
If We
In Our Arrogance
Our Very
Of Personal Powers That Let Us Choose
To Be Of Good
Or Let Others Use Our Abdicated Powers
To Do as They Will
They Will—To Kill

Then We are Nought But Cancerous Growth
OverGrown We Now Destroy Our Host

I Pray the Great Ice Bear
Here To Stay
Noble in Her Dignity
In Her Freedom Choices Of every Day
If She Lives
We Too Have Hope
With Her Gone
The Great Wild White Spirit
Will Wilt and Fade
We too will Follow
In The Footsteps
We Have

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Cymraeg Cliff Walk


Piebald Horses, Mother and Foal
Camouflaged amongst Grazing Herefords
Black and white against the verdant Green
As I
Foxglove walking Gorse and Campion, Stitchwort, Hog weed
Seeds of Nettles Heavy Laden
Sea Pinks glowing in the sun
Heading Cliffwards westward gazing
Far across the sea
My Spirit soares to the Emerald Isles beyond
Purple Shadows Silhueted
Mountains of Eire and Donegal
Ony rarely sighted From these Cymraeg cliff paths
through eyes of Joy and Stillness
Surrounded by The Gulls and Choughs
That fly free
The Endless Open Sky Continue reading

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21-12-2012 stonehenge

Relax into the moment

Breathe Deep

Feel the Calm

All of the Past Loss


From the Mind


In the Future

With which we are Blessed

Unity, Solidarity, Empathy



Feel the Light Energy

Flow through our Cells

Know that the Vibration of Love


The Truth of our Selves

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Reflections from the Water Mirror




12-12-12- a day long awaited

Some with Fear & Dread

Others in our Optimism

Hope to hear

The Angels Tread

Here upon our Earth

As our Thoughts & Hearts

All Learn to Love

The Wonders of our Planet


The Miracle of Birth


This Dense Domain of Nature

Beautiful & Intense

The Last Time we will say 12-12-12

Or any Other

Numbers in triplicate to Name Our Date

A Century must pass


Humans survive

Until once more our Dates on Page


Again Align


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