The Silver Tree

Walking out a Blackberrying

Searching sweetness for our dessert

I passed the fallen Silver Tree

Still lying as she has lain

For many a year and season

Shining along -side the path

Her limbs long removed and taken 

Probably burned 

To warm the people 

Gathered around a Winter Hearth

Now she attracts not only artists

To her wondrous twisted shining form

But birds animals and creatures 

Also Fungi her slopes adorn

I walk around her wondering

How long perhaps she lived

How many sights and wonders

 Passed beneath her Living Gift

Of Shade and Mottled Light

Flowing in the Breeze

Cattle Resting 

Birds Nesting

Year upon Year

Upon Year Upon Year 

And now here she is still lying here

How many years since she fell 

Or was felled

No one here remembers well

T’was many years ago

For as long as the locals know she has been

Lying here from

Untold years ago

Silver and Mysterious

Glorious under the Moon

Shining in the Sunlight

Like a Fairy Castle where the 

Fairy Fungi grow

A home for many creatures 

And for all I know

She will lie here still

Once my own old silver bones 

Have been reduced to Nil

The Wonder of a Tree

Giving throughout a long long life 

   Harbouring life 

Throughout a long long death

I give Thanks to this Silver Tree

She holds my Soul in Awe

I hope that my own life

Can mean as much 

To so many

And what is more

I pray that my own death may prove 

To be an aid to those

That live on  

Ever branching

Reaching to the future

Building  Beauty

Building Love and Truth

Building a World

Worth Living In

For every Soul Created

For every Soul that is  Born

Into this World of Matter

Into this World 

Of Endless Form

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The Chain

Beachcombing along the rocky shore,

Choosing rocks for each and every step.

Eyes searching for sea glass; bits and bobs

of pots and broken tiles.

Treasures for our pockets

A trainline , ancient, collapsed upon the shore,

Concrete and iron, tumbled, jumbled 

by many storms.

The low cliff face eaten by years of hungry seas

Here we are, a family; three generations

searching the industrial wastage of bygone days

delighted we stand within the exposed ribs 

of a Whaler, buried in shingle and rocks.

No Keel to be seen -we remember her Heydays.

Imagine ourselves Whalers upon the high seas.

Flotsam and Jetsam, rocks covered with Algae 

like green shaggy carpets,they are not for footfall,

we avoid them artfully, stepping around puddles,

like miniature lakes as we  search out curiosities 

and pocket keepsakes

Slowly we meander, return the way that we came by,

to be stopped in our tracks, with great cries of wonder.

We hasten our footsteps, not such  great care is taken,

as our eyes draw us onwards to – 

A Great Chain, hanging, forsaken.

Huge links emerge from out of the cliff face

Hanging in Gravity, out over space filled by sea pinks,

Foxgloves and sea wrack

Incongruous; a symbol that

Nature will always fight Back***

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The Swans

Photo by Katia De Juan on Unsplash

For Bridgit and her family

Oft Times a Soul just Cannot Bear

To be left Alone Upon the Shore

Whilst having Watched their Loved one Soar

On Gilded Wings

So High Aloft

And Watched them fly ‘till out of sight

Far beyond the Distant Hills

Then However Loved are Those

With Whom they Rest


Those Raised and Cherished 

Within the Family Nest

The Soul Reaches Out

With Wings Unfurled

To the Soul Departed

From this World

In Vain others may Implore

This  Soul to Stay

All They Long for is the Day

That they will Fly into the Sky

To Land at Last 

On the Furthest Shore

Safe into the Arms and Heart

Of the Soul Adored

Once Together

Looking Down

On All They Loved and Shared

They Know that They have 

Done their Work

They Did their Very Best

And so they Glide

With Souls Enlaced

Out Upon the Crystal Lake

With Joy and Happiness

Their Well Earned Rest to Take

Two Shining Swans

They Live 

  Forever in  our Thoughts

Whenever we Remember Them

A Ripple we will Make 

Upon the Mirrored Surface 

Of their Shining Crystal Lake

Then Maybe they will send a Feather

Designed to cross our Path

So that we too 

Will know their Joy

Their Happiness and Love

Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

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The British Camp at Dawn

photo credit Chris Bright- Bright Sky Videos

One early morn

Whilst walking north

Upon an olden path

Across the plain rising in the East

The blazing sun burst  forth

My eyes now saw as if before

I had been all but blind

As thoughts and mysteries

Downloaded to my mind

I heard the sounds

Of leather boots

The jangling of swords

Yet further back

And quieter still

Even quieter than the stars

I thought I heard the sounds 

Of unshod feet softly

Whispering through the grass

Children’s laughter

The flash and crash of flint

All mingling 

In the rainbowed morning dew

Reflecting upon just how many

 And how very few

Have stood here before me

To enjoy

This awesome dawning view

From these elevated stages

Where man has been an actor

Throughout the years and ages

Peoples come and peoples gone

Victorious or slain

For Freemen soldiers or serfs

The view from here 

Remaining ever awesome

And very much the same

 First the Earthworks

The Citadel for centuries did bide

But Caratucas and the Catuvellauni

Fell before the Roman tide

Years would pass before a Castle

Enjoyed this elevated view

With Kings to hunt 

The dense green forest

Under the open skies of blue

Now as I wander onwards

Towards my setting in the West

I feel a gentle contentment that

So many folk will yet

Enjoy this view of ages

Not so very much will change

The sun will rise the sun will set

The hills will stand 

Without regret

The Hills record the feet 

That pass this way

Whispering barefoot

Or feet of clay

Leather clad large or small

I think the hills record them all

And so I salute the rising sun

And hope to be remembered 

When all my days are done

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dec 2018

Maybe it’s my fantasy

Maybe it’s not real

Maybe it’s my fantasy

But if it’s true

It’s time for me and you to put

Our Shoulders to the wheel

The extinction phase

We’re going through

Is not only for others and not for you

Listen while I tell you true

Empathy is on the block

Human empathy is what we stand to lose

If only Sociopaths are winning through

What will become of me and you

If Empathy should die?

The Path ahead  is closing down

While we like somnambulists

Are dreaming to our demise

Look at the world of CEO’s

How come they rise so high?

They care not  a jot for humanity

Not an Iota for you or I

Medics  Pharmaceuticals  Armoury and War

They are in Governance and Judiciary

And making their own Laws!

Will you Wake?

Will you See?

Our numbers are our strength

Will you Wake?

Will you see?

Love and Care are our Unity

What we do now

How we Partake

Decide the future of Humanity

Or- our Wake!

Will it be a desert, devoid of Love and Care

Or will we rise to defend ourselves

Safeguard the world for all who live here

For every Plant and animal

Dominion is not the way

Conscious Love and Conscious Care

We hope will

Save the Day

Photo credit Alfred KenneallyUnsplash

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New Moon Reflections


New Moon reflected in

The still dark waters

Amplified, relating true

I hear the words that

She speaks to me

And I wonder that I do

Am I some Lunatic to

Listen as I hear her

Truths unfold in a voice

That is spoken

Clearly within

My mind the words are told

Over the years at times

She has spoken

Always the message

Has been true

So now gazing at her image

Once again I Listen to

The simple truth

That life is easy if we

Live in the Here and Now

Content with what grows

Around us within each season

Each timely hour

Dive deep into the water

Breathe deep the living air

Light the fires

That burn within us

Give the Earth our hands

Our  care

Our Moon she travels wisely

Her secrets in quiet nights

She tells

To anyone who listens

Closely to her Luna

Wisdom Spells

Next time you see

Our Moon reflected

Or framed by Halo’s in the sky

Take the time to stop

To listen don’t pause

To question ‘Why’

Just clear your mind and

Stand in wonder

Perhaps you will hear Her voice

As she reaches from the Heavens

With ‘Reflections’

Of Her choice

photo credit Susie Cunningham 2019

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Spring Dressing



The Springs and Wells of Malvern

Know fame, far beyond her hills,

Favoured by our Royalty and where

The locals queue to drink

The Blessed Flowing  Water

Maybe stop and pause to think

In Myriad locations the Fountains

Flow beneath the open skies

In honour of  Senua; Glanis; Coventina

Celtic gods of Springs and Water

Populated by mystic

Nymphs and all the watery Niskai

Every year the wells are dressed

With flowers and other tokens

Of our esteem, our acknowledgment

Sometimes Holy words are spoken

Some of us bless them every day

Not only with our presence

Giving thanks with every drink

Every bottle filled and taken

Carefully on home to share

With loved ones, all partaking

As we drink ‘our health’ may this

Great Water Wealth never be forsaken

Photo credit Hannah P Sassoon May 2019

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